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Cutting of the circle

The production of billets from the steel circle occurs in several stages. The first stage is cutting the circle with a press of scissors on the disks. After that, the received blanks, they are also called "pancakes", are turning the surface and drilling holes. Such production is quite expensive due to expensive equipment and maintenance of the machine for cutting the wheel, but at the same time is very popular among the manufacturers of flanges.

Cutting of the stripe and flexure

The method of manufacturing flanges from a steel strip consists in the following: first the strip of steel is rolled, i.e. The bending of the strip to the required radius occurs, and then the ends of the resulting circle or semicircles (sextets) are brewed. Further, the rings obtained by this method undergo a mechanical surface treatment, then holes are drilled. The above-described method of manufacturing flanges allows the production of flanges with welded butt welds of large diameters.
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