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For the production of flanged blanks, one of the most promising methods is used: the centrifugal casting method. The essence of this method is that the electrode in a special container is subjected to electroslag remelting, with the slag and metal remaining in it sufficiently, after which the molten metal is poured into a rotating installation, where a flanged blank is formed. Such a method is considered the most promising because of the low cost of the products obtained, but by no means the most common method of obtaining a flanged billet, because it has a number of drawbacks.

Types of defects in the billet obtained by centrifugal casting:

  • shells: sand, shrink, gas and slag;
  • texture;
  • chilling effect;
  • creeks, flaws;
  • non-compliance of the material with the chemical composition and microstructure.

Elimination of the listed procurement defects requires additional financial and labor costs, and in order to avoid such defects it is necessary to fully automate production, which in turn entails considerable financial investments in expensive equipment.

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