The company “Sojuz Metall” make following species of production:

The products are made of constructional and allay structure steel.
The technology of production, developed since 2008 and high qualification of employees allows the company to meet the needs of partners in the shortest possible time and ensure high quality of the products.

The production of flanges at the “SOJUZ METALL” factory is carried out using modern equipment of the latest generation. Automated and semi-automated machining centers with numerical program control are used. Products manufactured at the enterprise will pass any laboratory tests for compliance with standards. The pledge of the guarantee is a well-established process of control over the production and quality control of products at the outlet by the plant's own service department:

At the stage of order picking, the products are preserved at the request of the customer, and the products can be marked. All products produced at the plant are certified. Each order has accompanying documentation - a passport of product quality. The goods are delivered in the original packaging.