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Ball valve on welding
Ball valve on welding
Ball valve on welding

Ball valve on welding

Ball valve on welding

Sizes:DN от 15 до DN 100 и PN 25 до PN 40

Steel:Constructial steel

Operating temperature:from -40 to +80
Support information
Declaration of conformity
The ball valve manufactured by “Sojuz Metall” has a maximum leak rating class "A" in accordance.

A ball valve is a kind of a pipeline crane, the locking element of which has a spherical shape. This type of shut-off valve, used in various operating conditions with pipelines transporting oil and natural gas, in urban gas supply systems, in the areas of housing and communal services and various industries.

A ball valve for welding is used in hard-to-reach areas of pipelines, due to the complete integrity of the overlap and the special strength of the connection.

With small diameters, ball valves are manually controlled and using a mechanized drive - electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

In the production of ball valves, “Sojuz Metall” uses an innovative approach and focuses on quality and functionality.
Manufacture of ball valves includes:
1. Preparation of hulls of cranes and branch pipes.
2. Formation.
3. Manufacturing of internal parts of the crane: balls, rods, necks, rings, etc.
4. Assembling the crane.
5. Welding works.
6. Tests.
7. Additional types of control.
8. Individual needle marking and painting.
9. Packing.
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