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Lapped flange
Lapped flange
Lapped flange

Lapped flange

Lapped flanges on welded ring

Sizes:DN 15 до DN 400 и PN 6, 10, 16, 25

Steel:Constructial and allay structure steel

Operating temperature:From -30°С to +300°С.
Support information
The flange is used for the installation of pipelines and equipment in virtually all industries.

The loose flanges on the welded ring differ from the collar and flat ones in that they consist of two elements - a flat flange, which is put on the pipe, and a ring that is welded directly to the pipe. The flange and ring have the same internal diameter.

Free flanges are more convenient to use in the installation process than flat and collar ones, since the flange itself with holes for fixing remains free - hence the name - and its connection to another flange does not require the rotation of the pipe.

The main advantages of free flanges when used:
  • the flange rotates freely around the pipe, which allows it to be quickly and easily connected to another flange;
  • due to the lack of contact between the flange and the liquid in the pipe, it is possible to use free flanges made of inexpensive structural carbon steel on pipes made of corrosion-resistant metals;
  • in systems with fast wear, susceptible to corrosion, it is possible to restore flanges for reuse;
  • ease of installation in hard-to-reach places.
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